Talkative Kitties

Does your Poulsbo kitty talk to you? Cats are quite good at expressing themselves vocally. Some kitties meow mostly when greeting you or asking for their dinner, while other furballs like to pontificate about, well, we don’t really know what some cats are talking about, but there are definitely some very chatty kitties out there. Some cats even ‘sing’.

Why Do Cats Meow?

Your kitty may be talking for several reasons. Many kitties like to say hello when their people get home, so greeting is one possible intention. Some kitties like to meow as a means of getting attention. Your feline friend may also want supper, or seconds of her supper. She could be trying to describe the bird she saw earlier. While we of course can’t tell exactly what your kitty is trying to say, we do know that if your cat is meowing, she is definitely trying to communicate with you. Cats don’t generally meow at other cats; they mostly speak to people. Some scientists even suspect cats developed their meows specifically for talking to people, because when communicating with one another, cats typically use body language and facial expressions to get their point across.

Meowing can also be a sign that a cat is in pain or distressed. If your cat is typically quiet, and suddenly starts meowing, contact your vet immediately.

Talkative Breeds

Some kitties are definitely more talkative than others are. This may vary by cat, but can also depend on your furball’s breed. The Oriental cat, also known as the Rainbow, is known for being quite chatty. Tonkinese kitties also love to talk. The fluffy Maine Coon is also very vocal, and likes to express things with meows, chirps, and cute little trills. The Japanese Bobtail is another talker. Then there is the Siamese, who is renowned for being vocal.

Conversations With Cats

Here’s a fun game to play with your kitty: when Fluffy makes a noise, try to repeat the sound as closely as possible. This may result in your furry friend giving you a blank stare and going to sleep, but you also might find your kitty responding and changing her meows as you repeat her sounds back to her. Of course, if your kitty is talkative, you probably find yourself answering back anyway, but watching cats react to your ‘copycatting’ can be very cute.

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