The Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Work

Your golden retriever Jax is your trustworthy companion who goes everywhere with you. Jax joins you on your neighborhood jogs, and he takes every opportunity to go hiking so he can explore those wonderful woodsy smells. Unfortunately, Jax can’t accompany you to work each day. However, you just started a new job, and your company owner is very dog friendly, making you think about creating a dog-friendly workplace. Before you let Jax hop in the car, though, ask your veterinarian from Bainbridge Island if your dog’s temperament makes him a good candidate for a workplace companion. Also, make sure Jax is current on his shots; and pack water, food, and a soft bed so Jax can really enjoy his day at the office. Read more about how Jax can improve your workplace life.

More Harmonious Environment

Jax’ happy smile and wagging tail can often turn an uncomfortable situation around. Maybe you’ve never really clicked with your coworker, and you’ve limited your interactions with her accordingly. When Jax arrives, though, your coworker shoots out of her chair to greet your outgoing pooch, scratching his ears and laughing as she plays with your new workmate. Now that Jax has broken the ice, you feel more comfortable talking about work-related issues and even your favorite weekend destinations.

Canine Stress Relievers

You know dogs (and perhaps cats) are masters at relieving stress. While you juggle your daily job commitments, and your incessantly ringing phone won’t allow you to finish your work, you can get pretty stressed out. And since your car battery died this morning, you were late getting to work, so your workday is compressed even further.

Good thing Jax has a sixth sense about this stuff. Scratching Jax behind his ears while you plow through backlogged emails, or giving him a belly rub while you handle your phone calls, really calms you down. In fact, a 2012 study showed that employees’ workplace stress levels actually fell when they had their dogs alongside them. However, coworkers who didn’t bring their dogs to work, or who had no pets, increased their stress levels.

Happier, Longer Workdays

While you’d rather not work longer hours, Jax might make you more agreeable about staying late on occasion. Actually, a 2008 survey of 50 small and large companies showed surprising results. When companies permitted pets to join employees at work, employees were happier about working longer hours, and they were less likely to miss a day of work.

Before you design a dog-friendly workplace, get your manager’s approval, and make sure your coworkers don’t have pet allergy problems. When Jax next visits his Bainbridge Island vet, you can tell some good stories about your new canine coworker.

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