Maintaining Your Senior Cat’s Health

Your 12-year-old cat Socrates just had a blowout birthday party. Socrates got to wear a cute little birthday hat, and you gave him some tasty cat treats he only gets on special occasions (with approval from your veterinarian from Poulsbo, of course). Now that Socrates is a proud member of the feline senior citizens club, you’d like your vet to make sure Socrates is healthy. You’ll also ask the vet to give Socrates some age-appropriate nutritional counseling. Learn more about maintaining your senior cat’s health below.

Age-Appropriate Nutritional Plan

While Socrates has always been a husky guy, he’s begun to look paunchier around the belly these days. In contrast, your friend’s elderly cat has lost some weight as he’s gotten older. After carefully analyzing Socrates’ nutritional needs, your vet will design a menu that keeps Socrates well nourished without making him gain weight.

Keep a close eye on Socrates’ weight, using a scale that shows even tiny changes. Remember that Socrates’ unexplained weight loss can mean he’s developing a medical condition. Get Socrates to your vet so he can pinpoint and treat your cat’s problem before it progresses further.

Daily Grooming and Mini-Physical Exam

You’ve always given Socrates a good daily brushing, and he loves the attention, purring contentedly as you run the brush through his thick coat. Besides collecting loose hair that can lead to hairballs, brushing helps to improve Socrates’ circulation and stimulate his skin. Taken together, all these benefits add up to a healthier coat. If Socrates has ignored his scratching post lately, carefully trim his sharp little claws. While you’re running your hands over Socrates’ skin and coat, feel for anything unusual, and tell your vet quickly if you notice something that doesn’t seem quite right.

Reduced Feline Stress Zone

Socrates is ready for a stress-free life as he enters his golden years. Keep disruptions such as household moves, home remodeling, or lifestyle changes to a minimum. If changes are unavoidable, give Socrates some extra attention to keep him calm. If you’ve scheduled a vacation or business trip, recruit a familiar friend, neighbor, or relative to watch Socrates in their home. And above all, don’t bring other furry pets into your home while Socrates runs the show.

While you’ll expend some extra effort to keep Socrates comfortable and happy, your special senior cat is worth it. When Socrates next sees his Poulsbo vet, he’ll meet a content, well-cared-for cat who enjoys his golden years to the fullest.

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