One of the greatest gifts you can give to your animal companion is a commitment to routine dental care, both professionally and at home. If not properly cared for, your pet’s teeth and gums can become a hotspot for bacteria, which can lead to everything from bad breath and tooth loss to dental disease, a serious medical condition that can affect your pet’s entire body. In fact, dental disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed medical problems in adult dogs and cats. The good news is you can protect your pet by bringing them to us for dental care.

At Clifton Hollow Animal Hospital, we offer preventative pet dentistry, including exams and cleanings, as well as the treatment of existing oral problems, such as abscesses and broken or fractured teeth. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable in the proper techniques for keeping your pet’s teeth shiny and clean and for addressing existing problems in the safest and most efficient way possible. Pets undergoing any type of dental procedure are anesthetized and closely monitored throughout the procedure to ensure optimum safety and comfort at all times.

Finally, we believe that in-home dental care is just as important to your pet as our professional pet dentistry services. We’ll gladly work with you to provide demonstrations and guidance on home brushing techniques as well as recommendations for various dental care products that you can try at home to keep your pet’s mouth healthy in between vet visits. Let’s work together with the shared goal of helping your furry family member enjoy a happy, healthy smile for life!

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