Wellness & Vaccinations

At Clifton Hollow Animal Hospital, we believe that when it comes to keeping our furry family members happy and healthy, prevention is always the best medicine. In fact, our entire practice philosophy focuses on preventative medicine and routine wellness care. We feel that investing in the regular veterinary care of your pet will provide them with the best chance of enjoying a long, happy and healthy life. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to develop a system of care to help extend and improve the life of every patient we serve.

Our comprehensive wellness services are designed to support our patients through every life stage and to address their changing health care needs as they occur to help them achieve optimum health throughout their entire lives. These annual or semi-annual visits allow our doctors to gather a complete and accurate health profile for your pet and, more importantly, provide the opportunity to identify any potential medical concerns so they can be addressed promptly, often before they have the chance to develop into something more serious. Early detection of disease can vastly improve the outcome for your pet.

A typical wellness visit at Clifton Hollow Animal Hospital will include a thorough “nose to tail” physical exam, through which our doctors will check your pet’s entire body to look for any abnormalities or inconsistencies. We will then weigh your pet and discuss an appropriate diet and exercise plan to keep your companion in tip-top shape. We’ll also provide advice and guidance on parasite prevention, and discuss any behavioral concerns that you may have.

Wellness visits also include any necessary vaccinations that your pet may need. Vaccines can help protect our four-legged family members from a number of serious and sometimes life threatening diseases, but not every vaccine is right for every pet. We’ll conduct a detailed analysis of your pet’s unique lifestyle and risk factors to develop a customized vaccination plan that is tailored to your companion’s specific needs.

Finally, regular wellness visits provide our entire staff the opportunity to get to know you and your pet better, developing a relationship with you and creating a special bond with your pet. We invite you to use this time to ask us any questions or bring up any concerns that may be weighing on your mind so that we can discuss them further. The more we get to know you and your pet, the more personalized approach and better quality of care we can provide.

At Clifton Hollow Animal Hospital, we know you want what’s best for your furry family member, and we share that very same goal. Let us get your companion on the path to a lifetime of good health with a commitment to wellness care.

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